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Thanks to my sister’s engagement, I’m down with an aunty overload. Though it would be an uncle overload too but unfortunately I haven’t met many varities of the same.

So, presenting the various types of aunty –

  • Ultra Bhakti Aunty: Now the aunties belonging to this class are too devotional and if that wasn’t enough, they expect the other girls also to be the same. To know all the bhakti geet and shlokas by heart and dress up ‘decently’, the kind who will shoot you one extremely dirty look because you have no freaking clue about some random Punjabi prayer being sung and cause you have a sleeveless top, Oh my! What a sin!?
  • Dance Masti Aunty: These aunties love to dance and pull others to dance too, against their very will, and if they protest, will go complain to their parents about it. The worst part is…

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