That did not last long. New Year’s Resolutions are not really the point anymore because we break them with such ease and relish. Perhaps the real point is the joyous rebellion in giving up our good intentions without making much of an effort and letting our hedonist streak run amok. Giving up pizza and tri-weekly promised gym sessions might not seem terribly hedonistic but in a day full of dollar-earning, self-employment which requires the abolition of civilized working hours and being your own supervisor, marketing chief, developer and general uber-mensch, I tell you it is heaven to slouch on a couch and bite into fat, carbs, salt or sugar and know that you don’t have to punish yourself for it by squeezing a 5 mile run into your unrelenting workday.

The whole idea of New Year’s resolutions is extreme. It encourages one to focus on negative behaviours and repent for them.  This sets up a pious attitude which I find difficult to sustain. The natural impulse is to kick against and adopt the opposite behaviour, the very thing you pledged to give up. An extreme position fighting against an extreme position.  They will always fail.

One of these days, I’m going to find out about this balance thing that Buddhists and Dr, Phil keep yapping about. There seems to be promise in it. Let me finish this pizza first.



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