By the time we leave our teen years, we already have the pre-Xmas routine solidly laid down. There’s shopping for cards and presents, social get-togethers with friends before the big day, turkey, family, decorations, Xmas movies and a comparative excess of everything. The missing activity has been the disdain that comes from partaking in this type of Christmas. This has become a staple among a certain type of ethically minded but ill-motivated person. The disdain comes dressed in reservations about the commercialization of Christmas, the excess of food when the others have less or none and yet, the disdainful take part. They turn up for their share of the excess of gifts, food, love and warmth. They express their disdain in order to ameliorate their attendance and protest while shoving down another mouthful of food.

One question. Why?

It makes people happy to have a day when they can gather the fruits of the years efforts and use them to express love and kinship to friends and families, or to have fun and surprises to make the year seem worthwhile or just celebrate the people they have missed. Nobody should be embarrassed to join in with this.

If you have concerns about the hardship others are suffering, don’t wait until Christmas and complain about it or make people feel bad. Do something about it all year long. Volunteer at a charity, donate to a food bank, send money to clean water programs, teach someone to read, take 10% of everything of the groceries you buy and deliver them to the needy, make extra meals and deliver them to the homeless. Do anything to actually help and you may find that come next Xmas, you won’t feel so guilty about taking part.


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